Dilnavaz Mehta

Dilnavaz Mehta

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Dilnavaz Mehta is an art historian and professional working in the fine art and collectibles procurement and advisory field.

She is an entrepreneur and founder of  Rare Finds and Hindoostan Revisited , two renowned outlets which sell fine art and collectibles such as old books, maps, lithographs, engravings, etchings, aquatints – prints which were made in the sixteenth to the twentieth century.  These collectibles are popular souvenirs and décor for homes and offices.

She advises individuals, corporates and cultural organisations on maintaining their libraries and collecting colonial art. She counts amongst her clients connoisseurs, collectors, celebrities, corporates  and  Indian museums. 

Dilnavaz has a post graduate diploma in Indian aesthetics which she received after her M.Sc. degree in Microbiology. Her area of expertise is drawings, paintings, prints, maps and books on India made in the British era. She is a faculty member for  post graduate studies at  universities and museums.  She has given presentations and lectures at national seminars as well as authored articles. She is a TEDx speaker.

Beginning her professional journey in 1995, from the year 1999, she has been curating  periodic exhibitions of old collectible books, maps and prints to provide a platform for these collectibles to be appreciated for their uniqueness and rarity and to increase awareness about their historical and cultural significance.

She has studied the languages of Avesta and Pahlavi  and spearheaded a trust fund for the appreciation and dissemination of  Zoroastrian history and culture for several years. She is a trustee and the Jt. Secretary of the J. N. Petit Reading Room and Library.