Delzin Choksey

Delzin Choksey

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Delzin Choksey is a professional illustrator and children’s book artist.

Delzin graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Commercial Art from the University of Mumbai and got her Master’s in Illustration and Animation from the Academy of Art in San Francisco.

Soon after graduation she started her own illustration studio, Crispy Doodles. Delzin has always sought to make a positive difference with her work. Her illustration studio offers a variety of products and books that inspire creativity and compassion in children. See her illustrations at

Delzin’s playful illustration style has been shared worldwide and has impacted the lives of children and adults alike reaching her viewers’ hearts and minds. Apart from illustrating children’s picture books and activities, Delzin enjoys making Zoroastrian art and connecting kids with their religious traditions.

She consistently volunteers her time for Zoroastrian organizations around the world. She is also a member for South Asian Kid Lit, an organization that encourages diversity in children’s books by supporting multicultural authors, illustrators, and publishers.

Her enthusiasm to bring more education, empowerment and inclusiveness through art is ever burning. Delzin is currently working on a Navjote Book for Zoroastrian kids, children’s picture books and on raising her young children.