Daisy Bharucha

Daisy Bharucha


Daisy Bharucha is a homemaker and a very creative woman, be it in terms of digital art or cooking!

She loves to spend her free time in preparing digital art related to Zoroastrianism and has been consistently creating such art for the past 8 years. You’ll often find her work on various Parsi Facebook groups. You can see her art on her facebook group page with 1.1k members so far and still growing- check it out here 


Daisy has always been great at cooking, and her enthusiasm for cooking increased during the lockdown. She was glad to spend the entire day with her husband and daughter home, and enjoyed churning out delicacies every other day. Delighted by her food, Daisy’s husband and daughter suggested her to start her own recipe blog, hence TastyDelisH (a food blog for tasty Parsi and Indian recipes) was born. 

Daisy provides the detailed recipes and her daughter maintains the blog. It has been over 2 years since the first blog post, and she has been receiving positive responses on her recipes ever since. Some of her recipes have received over 1k views and appreciation from lots of Parsis on Facebook groups.

She plans to shortly launch a book consisting of all her recipes. 

Check the blog at www.tastydelish.in