Ava Mehta

Ava Mehta

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Ava Mehta is a highly experienced prep school teacher based in London, having originally obtained a distinction from Loreto College, India. She qualified as an Early Years Professional while raising her two daughters, and spent her nights writing and illustrating Zoroastrian children’s books, such as ‘The Story of the Religion, Zoroastrianism ‘ (now in its seventh edition) and ‘The First Navjote’. Ava is in the process of completing her latest challenge – a retelling of the Shahnameh tales entitled “Feathers, Scales, and Mighty Persian Tales!”, which will be published later this year.

A common theme in all of Ava’s books is the perpetual tug-of-war between good and evil – something Ava is familiar with having recently battled aggressive breast cancer. Her upbeat manner and sheer resilience is indicative of her approach to life, evidenced by the book she wrote during her chemotherapy sessions (entitled “The wHole Story”, profits from which go towards Cancer Research). Like all of Ava’s creations, this book is sprinkled with positivity, cheerfulness, and humour, and gives a massive thumbs up for Mazda!

Ava continues thriving and strives to create magic and spread the joy of learning to children, bringing with her the message to do good for goodness’ own sake.