Armita Jahanian Dalal

Armita Jahanian Dalal

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An accountant by trade, Armita Jahanian Dalal, was born in a priestly Zoroastrian family in Tehran, Iran. She migrated with her parents to the USA in 1984, and ever since, she has been volunteering her time for the Zoroastrian community.  She has been a board member of several Zoroastrian organizations and an avid member of the education group in Los Angeles, California, teaching the Young. She co-founded the Core-Education Committee, a CZC–LA subcommittee (California Zoroastrian Center) in Los Angeles County, CA for the purpose of establishing standards and curriculum for religious classes

In 2021 she co-founded a spiritual non-profit organization rooted in the Zarathushtrian philosophy called “Doorway to Joy.” (

She is a certified wedding officiator and in March of 2022 has been granted the  Mobed-yār title by the “Kankāsh-e Mobedān” in Iran.