Armaity Tirandaz

Armaity Tirandaz

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I am Armaity Rustom Tirandaz born 14th July 1944. It has never been a very comfortable situation where I have had to write my own bio-data. 

Life is for living a moment at a time and what is the past should remain there without bringing it back into the present. I am humbled and feel that I am just a simple candle flame before all the other shiny luminaries in our community. My late husband Rustom and myself came from humble backgrounds but born perhaps to help whoever and whenever required, unstinting giving all without any reservations. I was the shadow who followed him, supported and encouraged him in his endeavors – So I am eternally grateful for the spark of “Service before self” that was kindled in me. 

I became a qualified Physiotherapist in 1965 and I have ever since used that knowledge to render my honorary services. But it was only after my marriage and bringing up three children that I decided to dedicate all my time to helping the under privileged.

Present Projects where I am involved

  1. I am an Executive committee member of the Dadar Matunga Parsi Zoroastrian Association where we help the poor for education, medical aid and doles.
  2. In the past I was voluntarily attached with the B.J. Home for a year teaching English to 5-6 std. Students. But now I am the Joint Secretary on the committeethere.
  3. I am the President of the Senior Citizens Group of the Five Gardens, Dadar, Wadala & Matunga, where we have over six hundred members.
  4. I am an Executive committee member of the Patuck Poly Technique.
  5. I regularly visit several institutions to volunteer my time and services, namely: Masina Hospital, Parsi General Hospital, Gamadia Health Unit, Dosibai Home, Ackworth Leprosy Home, J.J. Parsi Ward, Parukh Dharamshala, Sakarbai Petit Hospital for animals and J. J. Dharamshala
  6. I am the President of the V.D. Theosophical Lodge and a life member in the Blavatsky Lodge.
  7. I am Chairman of the Ladies Committee of the Parukh Dharamshala.
  8. I am the nodal representative of the BPP in the Jiyo Parsi Project funded by the Central Government in partnership with the Parzor Foundation, which is meant to catalyst the burning need to increase the population of our community.
  9. I am currently the Chair and serving my second term as a trustee of the Bombay Parsi Punchayet the apex body of the Parsi Irani Zoroastrian community of the world.
  10. I am also a member in the Inner Wheel Club of Bombay main.
  11. I am the Joint Honorary Secretary in the SEC Schools. 
  12. I am a member of the Assisted Local Management of the Dadar Parsi Colony, meant to address the grievances of the community residents of Dadar.
  13. I am active in animal welfare and am also associated with the Sakarbai Petit Hospital at Parel. I have been on the hospital committee the year 1990. Along with my son Faredoon, we have been feeding more than 30 stray animals in my area everyday for the past 25 years.

Past Experience

  1. I had been Reading English to T.Y.(college) Blind students for 5 years.
  2. For 13 years I had been working with the J.V. School for the handicapped rendering physio therapy to outdoor patients (children with mental and physical disabilities) on an honorary basis. 
  3. I have rendered my services as a physiotherapist to the young and old on an honorary basis.
  4. I have had the privilege to teach swimming to girls of the Dadar Blind school at the MGMO.
  5. I have helped my husband RustomTirandaz from the very inception of his political career in the 1970’s and stood by him in his periods of turmoil, helping him to shoulder responsibilities which came with his post as a corporator.
  6. I had been teaching English in Shelter for Street children, which is now known as a shelter for Girls in Distress. “ANMOL” at Wadala for 5 years, until hey had to shift to the suburbs.
  7. I had been doing honorary service with a Hospice at Bandra for the terminally ill cancer patients for over 10 years where I personally made Diapers for the patients. 
  8. I had been present and coordinated the evacuation of the victims of the 1992 riots, to safety with the help of my two sons Behram and Faredoon. During which Rustom was in another locality providing relief to other victims. We provided medicines, food and help of Doctors to ease the pain of the children and adults there.
  9. In the pastI have personally made loud speaker announcements in Hindu colony and DadarParsi Colony to the publicinforming and preparing citizens of the impending issues they would face such as water shortages, etc.
  10. I had been a committed member of the Petit Library committee for 2 terms during life of Jal Khan and Mr. Sholapurwalla.
  11. My experience and study of the human psyche has helped me to provide voluntary service for the needy both physically and mentally over many years. The exposure to service I have received due to the proximity with Rustoms social work to humanity in its various capacities over a period of 40 years, is probably unparalleled. I had been my late husband Rustom’s via media for a lot of people who came for his help. And I have been a sounding board where he respected my view points.

Social service is meant to be a silent service and not done for any accolades and self appraisements. Giving the best of yourself for the most benefit to others makes you feel privileged that the infinite and eternal spirit has given the responsibility to you for doing his bid.