Anahita Demehri

Anahita Demehri

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Anahita Demehri (Amalsad) was born in Westminster, California. Growing up she loved reading and learned to play the flute. 

Anahita graduated high school at 16 and then went to University of California Riverside where she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Biology.

She then went on to get her Master’s Degree in Public Health as well as become a Loan Origination Officer. 

She worked for a while in Northern California for the Solano County’s Public Health Department as a Health Education Specialist, teaching Tobacco Cessation to the at-risk populations as well as county employees. She then worked for Orange County’s Healthcare Agency as an Environmental Health Specialist. 

She currently works as a Loan Officer in Orange County, serving all of California.

It is her goal to help families get the best home purchase and refinance rates and help educate them to avoid common pitfalls and traps in the industry. 

In 2020 Anahita got married to Arash Demehri, and in 2021 they welcomed their first baby girl, Arianna, into their family.