Tushna Antia

Tushna Antia

Australia Australia


Tushna Antia is a promising Zarthushti Youth From Australia;  who is excited to dive into opportunities, where her experience and skills can contribute towards making a positive impact on the environment.

As a Zarthushti, she wants to contribute towards making the world wonderful, so that it can be restored to a state in accordance with the will of Ahura Mazda.

She firmly believes that as Zarthushtis, our role in this world is to serve and honor the 7-Bounteous Creations, as conscious beings with the ultimate task of caring for the welfare of our universe.

Tushna  Antia who belongs to a priestly family, is a young Zoroastrian lady, who was born in Mumbai, grew up in Melbourne, and is presently residing in Sydney. She has been part of the Zoroastrian Association of Victoria (ZAV) throughout her adolescence years, serving as the chair of the Youth Committee for several years, and recently a being a member of the Events Committee for two years. Being always surrounded by Zarthushtis, she has developed a deep sense of community in Melbourne. 

 Tushna currently works within the Renewable Energy space at Bloomberg, after graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce and International Studies. She is passionate about the environment and tries to live in a sustainable way. 

Having attended the past two World Zoroastrian Youth Congresses in New Zealand and Los Angeles, Tushna has broaden her knowledge about the Zoroastrian religion, and has made life-long friends across the globe. 

Having grown up in a Dastoor-household, she is passionate about her community and carrying the torch of our Zoroastrian traditions into the future.